Claude Monet

A Tribute to Daniel Wildenstein and Katia Granoff

April 27–June 15, 2007
Featuring over sixty paintings from public institutions and from private collections, some rarely or never seen



The Odyssey Continues

Masterworks from the New Orleans Museum of Art and from Private New Orleans Collections

November 17, 2006–February 9, 2007
A fund-raising exhibition that contributed to the museum's Katrina Recovery Campaign.


  Arts of France  

The Arts of France

from François 1st to Napoléon 1st

October 26, 2005–January 6, 2006

A stunning visual survey of French art from c. 1500 to 1815.

Included here are works by such masters as Jean Clouet, Nicolas Poussin, Jean Siméon Chardin, François Boucher, Jean Honoré Fragonard, Jean Antoine Houdon, Jean Baptiste Greuze, Jacques Louis David, Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, Pierre Paul Prud’hon and Jean-Baptiste-Dominique Ingres.

















An exhibition of still-life paintings, watercolors and drawings by French masters of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.





This exhibition consisted of over thirty-five master drawings, oil sketches and watercolors by such major figures as Degas, Delacroix, Géricault, Ingres and Millet.




A selection of paintings and photographs devoted to the theme of winter , coinciding with Impressionists in Winter: Effets de neige, the Brooklyn Museum of Art's major summer exhibition.




Over fourty sheets were shown, including works by such major figures as Charles Le Brun, Jean Antoine Watteau, Jean Baptiste Oudry, François Boucher, Maurice Quentin de La Tour, Jean Honoré Fragonard and Jean Baptiste Greuze.



River Scenes of France
Paintings and Drawings of the 19th and 20th Century
November 10 - February 6, 1999
This exhibition celebrates the rivers of France, especially that of the Seine and its tributaries, the Marne, the Oise and the Loing. Over thirty oil paintings and some six watercolors and drawings are shown.
Selected Works
 | Press Release
Pierre Bonnard
(French: 1867-1947)
June 22 - October 10, 1998
Over eighty works from the French master's graphic oevre, many on display for the first time in public. Ranging in date from 1895 to 1945, the drawings reveal Bonnard's distinctively rich style.
Selected Works | Press Release
  Albert Marquet
(French: 1875-1947)
April 1 - May 22, 1998
  A passionate member of the Fauve movement, Marquet created serene works featuring a subdued palette and delicate tones. The exhibition featured over forty paintings from all periods of the artist's career.
Selected Works | Press Release
  Maximilien Luce
(French: 1858-1941)
May 6 - June 7, 1997
  The first single-artist exhibition of works by Maximillien Luce held in the United States included ninety of the Neo-Impressionist's paintings, most of which had never before been on public view.
Selected Works | Press Release
  Antoine-Louis Barye
(French: 1795-1875)
November 4 - December 9, 1994
  Combining scientific observation with compelling imaginative force, Antoine-Louis Barye depicted wildlife in all its diversity and passion.
  Consulat, Empire, Restauration
April 21 - May 28, 1992
  Paintings from early nineteenth-century France.
  Giacomo Manzù
September 27 - November 3, 1989
  At once ethereal and worldly, Manzù's celebrated body of sculpture has significantly altered mankind's visual and aesthetic perception.
  The Winds of Revolution
November 14 - December 28, 1989
  One of the major events marking the bicentennial of the French Revolution, this exhibit emphasized the cultural ties between France and the United States in matters of historical significance.
  Hubert Robert
(French: 1733-1808)
November 15 - December 16, 1988
  "A militant painter under the guise of charm and inconsequence," Robert created paintings characterized by a melancholy beauty.
  Paris Cafes
November 13 - December 20, 1985
  Paris Cafes: Their Role in the birth of Modern Art  
  Albert Marquet
(French: 1875-1947)
April 10 - May 17, 1985
  Luminous, subtle and intense works from this French "master of light."
  Sarah Bernhardt and Her Times
November 13 - December 28, 1984
  Photographs, paintings and other artifacts celebrating the Divine Sarah.
  Maurice Utrillo
(French: 1883-1955)
January 19 - March 31, 1981
  Passionate renderings of French cities and towns from a painter whose tumultuous life did not dampen his creative spirit.
  Enzo Plazzotta
February 5 - March 7, 1980
  One of the most remarkable of the postwar sculptors, Plazzotta has created a profoundly original oevre without divesting his work of the influence of tradition.
  Paris-New York: A Continuing Romance
November 3 - December 17, 1977
  A variety of pieces indicating the long and fruitful relationship between New York and French art, from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century.
  Giorgio de Chirico
(Italian: 1888-1978)
May 26 - July 30, 1976
  A grand master of disorientation and enigma and a pioneer of Surrealism, de Chirico created some of the most forceful and unique modern paintings.
  Henry Moore
December 5 - January 31, 1975
  Realistic, patiently observant drawings, selected from Moore's 1972-74 works.
  Romantics and Realists
April 7 - May 7, 1966
  An exhibit of eight French painters, from 1820-1870: Chasseriau, Corot, Courbet, Daumier, Delacroix, Gericault, Millet and Rousseau.
  Pierre-Auguste Renoir
March 23 - April 29 1950
  Paintings by Renoir.
  Claude Monet
April 11 - May 12, 1945
  Paintings by Monet.
  Vincent Van Gogh
October 6 - November 7, 1943
  Art and life of Vincent Van Gogh.
March 1 - 24, 1934
  Paintings by Bonnard.
March - April 1933
  Paintings by Boldini.
January 1928
  Loan exhibition of paintings by Cezanne.
  Pablo Picasso
November 19 - December 1, 1923
  Works by Picasso from the collection of Paul Rosenberg.
  Jean Honoré Fragonard
  Paintings and drawings by Fragonard.